Fatty new year!

As 2013 draws it´s last breath. It´s time for some throw backs. This year really has been a great one. In February i started up this blog and it has been a great journey so far. I´ve made a lot of new friends across the globe. Over the last couple of months traffic on the blog really has increased. My Fat bike fun film has a couple of thousand views, something i could not dream about. 2013 was the year i got Fat, in bike terms that is. I built my first Fat bike and the Salsa Mukluk is by far the one i ride the most. The cycling community is global. We all talk the same language, that is why i decided to do this blog in English. I really must say that it was the right decision. If i hadn´t i never would have reached to people like Kevin, Ian, Kid, Slam man, Claudia, Codsow, Tim, Travers and many many more awesome bike lovers.

Hera are some of my highlights of 2013

My favorite pic, my son at our favorite bath spot.

Riding my Mukluk at the same place.

Family days at the skate park.

Fat biking on the local trails.

Building a dj bike to fool around with.

Fun fun fun! #nukeproof #solum #lifeinswedishlapland #steelpark

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So i just want to say Happy New Bike year to you all! Thanks for all the inspiration and lets hope 2014 might even better! As i am writing this snow start to fall out side. I´ll take that as an omen of better times coming. As we had the worst December i can remember weather-wize.
Also 2014 is the year of the horse according to the Chinese. Maybe it´s time to build me a Horse thief. =)

Cheers //Olov

A little bit like Hoth

We are having quite a rough start on the winter out by the coast of Swedish Lapland. A few days of cold weather and then temperature goes up and the snow turns to rain. When it goes cold again the whole world is covered in ice… This has been going on for weeks now and i´m quite sick of it! A few days ago i tried to get out on the ice but warm weather made it impossible since water pushed up along the shores. IMG_0339

But winter will come. It always do. I´m just a bit eager since this is my first winter with the fat bike. My friend Fredrik photographer and founder of Aurora Safari Camp made this film for Brändögruppen

I can´t wait to get out on the pack ice with my fat bike. It´s truly an amazing world of ice just a few kilometers from town. Better watch out for snow storms tough. Can´t gut a fat bike like a Taun-taun and use as sleeping bag.

Fat bike race on the bay of Bothnia

For a couple of years there has been a cross country ski race from Luleå to Piteå. The race is abut 60 km and runs on the ice between our two coast-towns along the bay of Bothnia in Swedish Lapland.
After last years race an idea about taking part with fat bike started to grow with me and some fellow fat bike lovers. We contacted the organizers and our man Kurt “grand old Fat Bike Daddy” in Piteå was our man who made it happen. A fat bike heat is reality! =)

2014 race will take place the 8th of March. Registrations are now open. Register here. If your´re not from Sweden please contact me if you have any questions regarding registration. The race is on Saturday but we plan to have a whole fat bike weekend. After bike beer and dinner on Saturday night and ice riding in our frozen archipelago on Sunday. Possible to Hindersön for some hot coffee and waffles.

This is the first Fat bike race in Sweden. The community is still quite small here but i believe this is gonna be an ongoing event that will attract riders from all over the globe.
Also if you have questions regarding hotels and hostels let me know and i´ll give some tips.

See ya on the ice!

Social media disaster by big S

Ok, i really wasn’t going to write anything about the Specialized social media disaster that been spinning around the last couple of days. If there is someone who still don´t know this is i short terms what happened. Mega bicycle company Specialized sues a small bike shop, Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio, in Canada for using the name Roubaix in their name. Roubaix is a town in France and legendary in the cycling world for the famous Paris – Roubaix challenge. Specialized own the name Roubaix when used with bike components and there for sued this little bike shop for a huge amount. Read more here.

The article in the link got 53 thousand shares on Facebook and the bike community has gone berserk against Specialized. Just check their Facebook. This must be one of the biggest fails in branding history. I realize it´s important to stop pirate copies. That goes on my branch to. This is not about that and you need to pic your fights. And the cycling community. Talk about standing up for a small lbs. I think Specialized has underestimated the power of social media, which is hard to understand. A big company should have the best marketing people there is. It´s not like they are new to the internet. They got almost 400k followers on Facebook.

My personal opinion. I think they suck ass big time. This is probably the lowest you can go as a word wide big company. If “i am Specialized” Means being a bully i sure as hell am not Specialized. They should be ashamed!

Edit: Now it seems that the big S has whit drawn their law suit. http://blogs.calgaryherald.com/2013/12/09/cochrane-bike-shop-owner-may-have-won-his-case-against-specialized-over-use-of-word-roubaix/

Park life

First indoor park training thursday i done. Oh my god this is fun. Can´t understand why i had to wait my whole life before trying this. 20131206-140057.jpg This will be a weekly tradition for the whole winter. Can´t wait to upgrade to the new frame and sus´fork. My wrists are pretty sour today. Didn´t have time to take any pics. But here is a short clip from my Instagram.

First time ever in a skate park. This is gonna be awesome! #lifeinswedishlapland #bikelifeinswedishlapland

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