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Instead of spinning

As the winter is messing with our heads up here, first loads of snow and cold then rain and damp weather resulting in everything covered in ice. The fat bike season is on hold. One of the guys in our Down hill project group came with the brilliant idea that winter training would be in the skate hall!? A few of the younger chumps got a history of BMX and Street riding, i don’t. But what the hell. I´m hanging with the kids in the park during summer and might as well build me a bike. I bought some used stuff and to day the bike got ready. I needed a new head set and it took some tools of precision to remove the old cups.

Then just fit the new headset. Use the old post and seat clamp from my single speed GT. Had an old bar from my Spesch on the shelf at the bike shed.

The only new stuff is brake, pedals and grips. I think i spent about 1250:- swedish crowns (about £100:-) on this project so far. But the frame, a DMR side kick has a crack in the down tube.
It´s welded but i´ll be chaining frame in a few weeks. Got me a package from CRC on the way. 😉
Any way here it is:


So from now and for the rest of the winter thursdays is park days. We´ll be a few older gents bouncing around with the BMX-bandits at the local skate hall. Thursday nights are BMX only so no skateboarders.
This will be quite an experience but i´ll think jump technique, manual skills and ramp skills will be quite improved until next summer. Two hours of park riding is not something you just do for fun, it´s quit tough. And it sure beats sitting 45 minutes on a stationary spinning bike in some gym. That is not my cup of tea! I tried it with a really good instructor that is a great cyclist. But it just doesn’t do it for me.

If this is my last post on this blog i probably broke my neck at the skate park. But i can assure you i died smiling. 🙂

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