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Fatty new year!

As 2013 draws it´s last breath. It´s time for some throw backs. This year really has been a great one. In February i started up this blog and it has been a great journey so far. I´ve made a lot of new friends across the globe. Over the last couple of months traffic on the blog really has increased. My Fat bike fun film has a couple of thousand views, something i could not dream about. 2013 was the year i got Fat, in bike terms that is. I built my first Fat bike and the Salsa Mukluk is by far the one i ride the most. The cycling community is global. We all talk the same language, that is why i decided to do this blog in English. I really must say that it was the right decision. If i hadn´t i never would have reached to people like Kevin, Ian, Kid, Slam man, Claudia, Codsow, Tim, Travers and many many more awesome bike lovers.

Hera are some of my highlights of 2013

My favorite pic, my son at our favorite bath spot.

Riding my Mukluk at the same place.

Family days at the skate park.

Fat biking on the local trails.

Building a dj bike to fool around with.

So i just want to say Happy New Bike year to you all! Thanks for all the inspiration and lets hope 2014 might even better! As i am writing this snow start to fall out side. I´ll take that as an omen of better times coming. As we had the worst December i can remember weather-wize.
Also 2014 is the year of the horse according to the Chinese. Maybe it´s time to build me a Horse thief. =)

Cheers //Olov

2 thoughts on “Fatty new year!”

  1. Happy New Year! I have enjoyed reading your posts. I had never heard of Swedish Lapland before either so am learning about a new part of the world while I’m reading.

    1. Happy new year Andrew! Lapland runs through the north part of Norway, Sweden and Finland. =) It´s where the Sami used to and still live. I also enjoy your adventures down under. 😉 Cheers buddy!

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