Contrasts and new tires

Finally got my hands on VEE rubbers Snowshoe. The snowshoe is supposed to be 4.7″ But the only measure around 4.3. Which suits the Mukluk just fine since it´s made for 4.0″ tires.

They fit fine in the frame but the chain line is a bit to tight with just 5 millimeter left to the tire when riding little chanin ring and biggest rear cog.

But i´ll have that sorted out as soon as my Oneup upgrade arrives. But more on that in future posts. =)

I had the morning off and took a little spin on the ice to test the snowshoes. Epic as always, it´s hard to get use to ice riding. This day i had a heavy head wind. But i still managed to ride out to our favorite bath spot during summer.

Here is the beach covered in ice…

It´s hard to believe this is the exactly same spot. Just check the coast line in the background.

The tires performed well. I had to experiment a bit with pressure before i got it right. But they felt awesome. Can´t wait to test them in more snowy conditions.
Oh, and when i got home i realized i had put them on backwards. But that´s taken care of now… =)

One love, one bike

20140122-164856.jpgI´m almost feeling like spamming my own blog with ice riding posts. But conditions on the ice is just so totally awesome that i cant let todays ride pass without writing about it. Waking up to a bright sunrise and having the morning off calls for ice riding. As i wrote in the last post you can ride just about anywhere.
Yesterday i went up river. Today, having a little more time i headed out where the river of Luleå meets the bay of bothina. The entrance to our city bay is divided by Sandön and we got two channels leading in to Gråsälfjärden. I left home and went on a strait line out to where the two channels unite.
Usually we are forced to ride packed trails. But now the Mukluk is carrying me over the white frozen surface. I keep on pedaling but there is no resistance. I fly over the ice covered with one inch of frosty powder snow. I love this bike. If i had to choose one bike to ride for the rest of my life it wold be the Salsa Mukluk. It´s all i need, winter or summer…

Today was a short ride, still it was one of my best. One of my top experience on two wheels ever! The fact that it´s just outside my doorstep is so amazing that i hardly believe it myself.

Out by Sandön (Sand island) there is a small beacon. It´s right in between the inlets to the city bay.
I stopped to have some coffee before heading back to town and work. Lars texted me and wanted to have lunch. After taking some photos i went back for a quick bite before work. Here is the Mukluk with Luleå in the background. Photo taken from the beacon.

Some more photos…






If these conditions last the Bothnia race in march is going to be epic.

Ice ice baby

IMG_0416Since temperature has dropped to comfy -16°c(?) I took a little spin up river today. A damp warm beginning of winter. Followed by a few super cold weeks and no snow dumping has made the ice perfect for riding. You can literally ride any where you like. Go in one direction and just, hey! I wanna go there. Just turn the bars and go… Pretty awesome conditions. =) On the pic to the left you can see my trails. They start on the shore covered in mist, left of the trees in the background. I just went strait over the ice. Heading to the sand shore where i shot the end of my Fat Bike Fun video. Here i am actually sitting on the same rock as when i´m having the beer at the end of Fat Bike Fun. Only this time it´s a bit colder and i got there across the bay.

Same place 21 week ago.


The frozen shores of Luleå river is a blast to ride. I only got a few hours but i´ll keep on exploring the shores up river in weeks to come. This is my first winter with the Mukluk and it´s only just begun.

I stopped and turned around home by the narrow stream of Gäddvik. Here the water is still running even tough we had between -24° to -30° degrees Celsius for a couple of days.

It get dark pretty quick this early. So it was time to head home. This is the bridge across the river just before it hits the bay of Bohtnia. I grew up just next to it by the shores. Just were the Mukluk lays i learned to sail as a kid. I´ve been sailing, ice skating, flying model planes, skiing and riding snowmobiles here. But this is the first time by fat bike.

Stay frosty

20140119-164130.jpgThe plan for the weekend was to take a longer ride to one of the islands in the archipelago. Jopik Gården at Hindersön got a great café with awesome waffles. But mother nature had other plans for us. Temperature dropped to around -30°C today and going out on a 40 km ride on the ice in that temperature might be a bit risky. Men and Sven deiced to take a shorter ride to check if the snowmobile tracks were any good. I geared up and met up with Sven at his place. It´s really something else to ride a bike in -30°c. Everything i a bit slower. But if you got the right equipment it amazing.
The cold weather had made the trails rock hard and it was a blast to ride them.
DCIM100GOPRO We took a ride along the local trails around 15 kilometers. 20140119-172841.jpgIMG_0407It is really cool how new trails appears during winter. All of a sudden the woods is full of new tracks that we never ridden before. Winter riding is pretty fun and like no other type of cycling. It like something in-between cycling, skiing and walking around with snowshoes. Super cold weather is exotic and quite an experience but more decent temperatures sure is preferred. We took a little break at Ormberget, a small hill with great view over Luleå.
It was a great ride despite the chilly weather. Soon temperature will drop and the days will get longer.

Some more pics…
Stay frosty folks!

Small adventures also count

It´s the small day to day things that makes the difference. Sure to plan the long adventures and ride them is fantastic. But it´s the time in between that you need to fill with pleasure. Todays micro adventure was an short morning ride with the fat bike around the ice road.hämta Luleå is a town by the bay of Bothnia and during winter we have an amazing ice road that binds our two harbors together. It is a very popular track for ice skating, walking and other out door activities. And of course also cycling. Since we had a rainy start on the winter this year it felt good to take a morning ride along the ice in -20 c. The sun was rising and it was one of the most beautiful mornings so far this year. To get a few kilometers before work in conditions like this really makes my day. All we need now is for the days to be a little bit longer and the temperature a few degrees warmer. Trough the years winter has been my favorite time of year. I used to be very dedicated to alpine skiing spending all my time in the slopes as a kid. The last ten years when my cycling interest has taking over winter just became a long wait for spring. The fat bike change that. This year i could not wait to ride the ice and snow mobile trails. It´s been a long wait due to crappy weather but now the real winter finally is here…

Amazing winter morning ride on the icroad. #luleå #isvägen #lifeinswedishlapland #adventurebybike #salsacycles #fatbike

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Fat biking + skiing = win/win

We had to flee away from the dull rainy days by the coast. Just 15 kilometers up country there is this small ski resort called Kåbdalis. It´s one of the resorts in Sweden that opens first in the season. Lots of alpine teams have their pre-season camps here before the world cup begins.

I got up early to pack my gear and Sven picked me up at 07.15. We left rainy Luleå behind for winter adventures on bike and skis. Just a few kilometers up country the snow conditions changed to lovely white surroundings.
The drive is about 1.5 hour and the plan was to fat bike in the morning, when the sun is up and change to skis in the afternoon, the days are still short in Swedish Lapland.
I´ve been here lots of times but this was my first by bike. We decided to try it to the top. A 3,5 kilometer climb on soft snowmobile trails. It was rough and hot since the temperature was around -2 Celsius. Still knowing you have some sweet downhill riding makes it lot easier.

We finally made it after about one hour of climbing. Some of my friends had been here for a couple of days and the weather forecast had predicted sun so i brought all my cameras. But the sun was blocked of a thick layer of fog. Resulting in a beautiful, but hard to film in kind of light.


Still i decided to give it a shot with the Gopros on the way down. I had to make it in b&w since the light was so different between the takes. Here is a little shorty…

After a nice lunch with our friends it was time to change gear. I stepped in to my ski boots and alpine skis. Sven runs telemark. The foggy weather stuck with us the whole day. But when it got darker and the lights in the slopes was turned on the sight approved quite a bit.


Over all it was quite an awesome day. Fat biking in the morning and skiing in the afternoon. It doesn´t get any better. Win/win!