Fat Bike

Fat biking + skiing = win/win

We had to flee away from the dull rainy days by the coast. Just 15 kilometers up country there is this small ski resort called Kåbdalis. It´s one of the resorts in Sweden that opens first in the season. Lots of alpine teams have their pre-season camps here before the world cup begins.

I got up early to pack my gear and Sven picked me up at 07.15. We left rainy Luleå behind for winter adventures on bike and skis. Just a few kilometers up country the snow conditions changed to lovely white surroundings.
The drive is about 1.5 hour and the plan was to fat bike in the morning, when the sun is up and change to skis in the afternoon, the days are still short in Swedish Lapland.
I´ve been here lots of times but this was my first by bike. We decided to try it to the top. A 3,5 kilometer climb on soft snowmobile trails. It was rough and hot since the temperature was around -2 Celsius. Still knowing you have some sweet downhill riding makes it lot easier.

We finally made it after about one hour of climbing. Some of my friends had been here for a couple of days and the weather forecast had predicted sun so i brought all my cameras. But the sun was blocked of a thick layer of fog. Resulting in a beautiful, but hard to film in kind of light.


Still i decided to give it a shot with the Gopros on the way down. I had to make it in b&w since the light was so different between the takes. Here is a little shorty…

After a nice lunch with our friends it was time to change gear. I stepped in to my ski boots and alpine skis. Sven runs telemark. The foggy weather stuck with us the whole day. But when it got darker and the lights in the slopes was turned on the sight approved quite a bit.


Over all it was quite an awesome day. Fat biking in the morning and skiing in the afternoon. It doesn´t get any better. Win/win!

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