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Small adventures also count

It´s the small day to day things that makes the difference. Sure to plan the long adventures and ride them is fantastic. But it´s the time in between that you need to fill with pleasure. Todays micro adventure was an short morning ride with the fat bike around the ice road.hämta Luleå is a town by the bay of Bothnia and during winter we have an amazing ice road that binds our two harbors together. It is a very popular track for ice skating, walking and other out door activities. And of course also cycling. Since we had a rainy start on the winter this year it felt good to take a morning ride along the ice in -20 c. The sun was rising and it was one of the most beautiful mornings so far this year. To get a few kilometers before work in conditions like this really makes my day. All we need now is for the days to be a little bit longer and the temperature a few degrees warmer. Trough the years winter has been my favorite time of year. I used to be very dedicated to alpine skiing spending all my time in the slopes as a kid. The last ten years when my cycling interest has taking over winter just became a long wait for spring. The fat bike change that. This year i could not wait to ride the ice and snow mobile trails. It´s been a long wait due to crappy weather but now the real winter finally is here…





5 thoughts on “Small adventures also count”

  1. Wow! Looks amazing. Say, what’s that bike in your page header? The one with the moustache handlebars? I’m currently saving for a new bike. I am after something that will take either 29er MTB wheels or 700c road/cyclocross wheels, and that will take drop or flared/moustache bars as well as flat bars. The bike in your photo looks like the kind of bike I am hoping to buy.

    Seeings as it will take me a little while to save up and whatever frame I buy will be expensive, I am exploring all options. I think you wrote about the bike somewhere in your blog but I can’t remember where so figure I will ask.


      1. Hey awesome. Thanks for the tip. I’ll look them up. It’s interesting the number of Australian bike designers out there who are building these “go anywhere” bikes. I’ve been researching bikes for a week and so many of the bikes that I am shortlisting happen to be Australian designs.

        Not the majority for sure, but a good number.

        The challenge here in Australia, though, is that we still have to import most of our bikes and pay really high import duties. Or, the local bikes are small one-off builders so you can’t test ride their bikes.

        But today I found a shop here in Brisbane where I live who carry floor stock in three styles of bike similar to yours. 🙂

      2. Good for you Andrew. The Salsa Fargo also is one nice farm set. I´ll bet they are available down there.

  2. “To get a few kilometers before work in conditions like this really makes my day.” This sentence you’ve shared sums things up perfectly. Any day is better with a nice morning ride.

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