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One love, one bike

20140122-164856.jpgI´m almost feeling like spamming my own blog with ice riding posts. But conditions on the ice is just so totally awesome that i cant let todays ride pass without writing about it. Waking up to a bright sunrise and having the morning off calls for ice riding. As i wrote in the last post you can ride just about anywhere.
Yesterday i went up river. Today, having a little more time i headed out where the river of Luleå meets the bay of bothina. The entrance to our city bay is divided by Sandön and we got two channels leading in to Gråsälfjärden. I left home and went on a strait line out to where the two channels unite.
Usually we are forced to ride packed trails. But now the Mukluk is carrying me over the white frozen surface. I keep on pedaling but there is no resistance. I fly over the ice covered with one inch of frosty powder snow. I love this bike. If i had to choose one bike to ride for the rest of my life it wold be the Salsa Mukluk. It´s all i need, winter or summer…

Today was a short ride, still it was one of my best. One of my top experience on two wheels ever! The fact that it´s just outside my doorstep is so amazing that i hardly believe it myself.

Out by Sandön (Sand island) there is a small beacon. It´s right in between the inlets to the city bay.
I stopped to have some coffee before heading back to town and work. Lars texted me and wanted to have lunch. After taking some photos i went back for a quick bite before work. Here is the Mukluk with Luleå in the background. Photo taken from the beacon.

Some more photos…






If these conditions last the Bothnia race in march is going to be epic.

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