Fat Bike

Contrasts and new tires

Finally got my hands on VEE rubbers Snowshoe. The snowshoe is supposed to be 4.7″ But the only measure around 4.3. Which suits the Mukluk just fine since it´s made for 4.0″ tires.

They fit fine in the frame but the chain line is a bit to tight with just 5 millimeter left to the tire when riding little chanin ring and biggest rear cog.

But i´ll have that sorted out as soon as my Oneup upgrade arrives. But more on that in future posts. =)

I had the morning off and took a little spin on the ice to test the snowshoes. Epic as always, it´s hard to get use to ice riding. This day i had a heavy head wind. But i still managed to ride out to our favorite bath spot during summer.

Here is the beach covered in ice…

It´s hard to believe this is the exactly same spot. Just check the coast line in the background.

The tires performed well. I had to experiment a bit with pressure before i got it right. But they felt awesome. Can´t wait to test them in more snowy conditions.
Oh, and when i got home i realized i had put them on backwards. But that´s taken care of now… =)

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