Almost fat-bike time (+ Austin, TX)

Nukeproof headset

The last few parts for the gold Mukluk has arrived or are in transit. I really cannot wait to get the bike rolling and trying it out on the ice. The weather is horrible at the moment, but hopefully it’ll get a bit colder soon so we can go explore the archipelago by bike.

Next week i’ll be in Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive, where i plan to do as much bike spotting as possible. I’ve also planned a trip to Mellow Johnny’s to do some shopping, and i’ve promised Olov to try and get hold of two growler-cages and bottles, so we can properly decorate the Mukluks.

I’ll try to post as much bike-related stuff as i have time to when i’m in Austin, and we’ll also be blogging (in swedish) here.

/The Lars

Bike life in Swedish Lapland, The POD CAST

the lars Big things happening up here in Swedish Lapland. The Lars is now a co-writer on the blog, he being a noob is going to bring some new fresh thoughts about cycling.
Also, about a week ago i was contacted by Ben at Mountain Bike Radio. It seems that we are going to be a part of their network. How cool is that? Right now we are getting the right equipment and with a little help from Swedish Lapland Tourism it seems like it´s going to be a 30 minute monthly show. We are not quite there yet but it´s getting so close i feel confident to give it a shout out here on the blog.

I´m stoked that i might be a part of something along with heroes like Drunk Cyclist, Guitar Ted, and many others.

Check out Mountain Bike Radio on Facebook.

Learning to ride a bike


Hello, my name is Lars, I live in Luleå, Swedish Lapland and I’m a bike nerd. Or at least on my way to become one. My dear friend and founder of this blog, Olov, kind of tricked me into building my first proper bike. Kaffen – The Planet-X Kaffenback. I told him I wanted a good commuter bike that would look good parked outside my office (i run a pr/brand agency together with my lovely partner Ella) and would take me from point A to point B. I had no idea of what that short conversation would mean.

Being a complete noob on bike builds I needed lots of help from Olov, he told me what to order and I complied. In my mind the bike would become just that, a bike. But Olov had other plans – as the bike started to come together I could see what it had become. A proper, great-looking-long-ride-tempting-road-eating-two-wheeled-machine. It was my first real bike, and I love it – From not having ridden any kilometers a year I did over 1500 kilometers of road cycling last summer on the Kaffen.

I’m on my way to becoming a bike nerd, and naturally, when Olov started building his fatbike, I soon realised that i would need to have one as well. Living close to the arctic circle, the cycling season is very, very short, so having a bike that can be used during the long, cold winter months should be obligatory. So that’s what we’re currently working on, I ordered a Salsa Mukluk 2 2014 frame from the awesome guys at slam69, and the other parts from various places, the complete bike is currently packed up in boxes in my office, but the plan is to have it built within a month!

Stay tuned for more, I’ll be writing more on Bike Life in Swedish Lapland in the coming months, talking about what makes me want to ride bikes, I might toss in a few stories about cooking and skiing as well.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@huring), where i talk about work, food, skiing and cycling!

My bikes


Planet-X Kaffenback

  • Cockpit: Ritchey Classic
  • Drive line: Shimano 105 compact
  • Brakes: Avid BB7
  • Trim: Brook’s

Salsa Mukluk 2 2014 (Build in progress)

  • Cockpit: Crank Brothers Cobalt 2 XC
  • Headset: Nukeproof Warhead
  • Drive Line: e*Thirteen crankset & Shimano XT
  • Brakes: Shimano XT
  • Wheels: On-one

On-one Scandal

(Build in progress, planning for a quick singletrack/fun hardtail)

I´d rather be klunking

This reminds me how young mountain biking really are. Klunkers appeared in California in the seventies. A bunch of dudes going out in the woods ripping the crap of old cruiser bikes. Many of the original klunkers are still around. Like Gary “the fish” Fisher (he is on instagram) and they truly are the godfathers of mountain biking. Klunking was all about modifying, racing and just having a blast.
In my opinion this i what mountain biking is still all about. Gather a few friends and go riding. You might think that cycling is about the gear. Sure, i´m always looking for something new, but when it comes down to what i remember from events and adventures by bike. It´s not the the latest gadgets. It´s the feeling. If it´s a wipe out or sharing a stunning single track with a friend. The experience would be the same regardless of what bike i ride. Perhaps we should wind down the gadget frenzy and focus on the experience.

I feel a bit like a hypocrite writing this since i got five bikes. But what can i say? I just love the simplicity and beauty of the bicycle.

But when it comes down to business, i´d rather be klunking!

Enjoy some mtb history. And one more thing, Klunker sounds way more cooler the mountain bike. =)

Time for change… of gear

A few weeks of bad weather has made winter cycling almost impossible. Snow that reminds of slush and rain wakes the mechanic in me. New drive train, cockpit and wheels for the Fat bike coming up.
Oneup sprocket and Raceface narrow/wide chain ring waiting for assemble. Also new wheels from Slam69 on the way.


I also have been working on a little something for Swedish Lapland tourism but i´ll get back to that later this week. It´s a pretty awesome thing. =)

Here is a little teaser…

Don´t miss it.