Fat Bike, Workshop

Time for change… of gear

A few weeks of bad weather has made winter cycling almost impossible. Snow that reminds of slush and rain wakes the mechanic in me. New drive train, cockpit and wheels for the Fat bike coming up.
Oneup sprocket and Raceface narrow/wide chain ring waiting for assemble. Also new wheels from Slam69 on the way.


I also have been working on a little something for Swedish Lapland tourism but i´ll get back to that later this week. It´s a pretty awesome thing. =)

Here is a little teaser…

Don´t miss it.

1 thought on “Time for change… of gear”

  1. An enforced week of rest (man flu) had me doing the same thing, attending to all the small maintenance jobs I had been putting off for a while: new brake blocks and bar tape on the road bike, new cables on the Fargo, fiddling with stem height and reach on the as-yet-unridden Mukluk.

    Phlegm receding, all I need now is this never-ending rain to turn into snow…

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