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I´d rather be klunking

This reminds me how young mountain biking really are. Klunkers appeared in California in the seventies. A bunch of dudes going out in the woods ripping the crap of old cruiser bikes. Many of the original klunkers are still around. Like Gary “the fish” Fisher (he is on instagram) and they truly are the godfathers of mountain biking. Klunking was all about modifying, racing and just having a blast.
In my opinion this i what mountain biking is still all about. Gather a few friends and go riding. You might think that cycling is about the gear. Sure, i´m always looking for something new, but when it comes down to what i remember from events and adventures by bike. It´s not the the latest gadgets. It´s the feeling. If it´s a wipe out or sharing a stunning single track with a friend. The experience would be the same regardless of what bike i ride. Perhaps we should wind down the gadget frenzy and focus on the experience.

I feel a bit like a hypocrite writing this since i got five bikes. But what can i say? I just love the simplicity and beauty of the bicycle.

But when it comes down to business, i´d rather be klunking!

Enjoy some mtb history. And one more thing, Klunker sounds way more cooler the mountain bike. =)

2 thoughts on “I´d rather be klunking”

  1. Love it. I take out my old 1950s Rollfast from time to time and tear up the woods. Riding the trails with just a coaster brake really makes the trail time different and a blast! Good stuff.

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