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Bike life in Swedish Lapland, The POD CAST

the lars Big things happening up here in Swedish Lapland. The Lars is now a co-writer on the blog, he being a noob is going to bring some new fresh thoughts about cycling.
Also, about a week ago i was contacted by Ben at Mountain Bike Radio. It seems that we are going to be a part of their network. How cool is that? Right now we are getting the right equipment and with a little help from Swedish Lapland Tourism it seems like it´s going to be a 30 minute monthly show. We are not quite there yet but it´s getting so close i feel confident to give it a shout out here on the blog.

I´m stoked that i might be a part of something along with heroes like Drunk Cyclist, Guitar Ted, and many others.

Check out Mountain Bike Radio on Facebook.

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