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Bikespotting in Austin, Texas



So, while Olov is in the mountains enjoying what seems to be great weather and good slopes, some of us has to work. And by work i mean going to Austin, TX for a week of SxSW Interactive, trying to navigate between thousands of sessions, everything between Neil deGrasse Tyson to Ben Huh of Cheezeburger (the man solely responsible for making cat videos the single most viewed thing on the internet). And of course Austin means tacos, great, wonderful breakfast tacos!

One thing about Austin that’s not work, is that it’s a great bike town. My original plan was to go on a few rides while there, but i’ve come to the realisation that there won’t be time for that. Unfortunately. But i’ll still keep an eye out for bike-related stuff. One place i won’t miss is Mellow Johnny’s – Lance Armstrongs bike shop. A classic Austin bike-nerd destination and apparently a wonderful place to get a few bike related souvenirs!

I also plan to do lots of bike-spotting, so keep an eye out here or on the facebook-page for more. If any of you guys have any tips of things to do while in Austin, please let me know!

(image via flickr)

// L

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