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Big Mountain escapism

We took a few days off and went to Björkliden.
A 400 kilometer road trip up north to the big mountains close to the Norwegian border. I was planning to bring the fat bike but changed my mind when packing the car. There were just not enough space. Also this is a family trip. Even if i consider the Muk a family member, i need to focus on Jessica and the kids.

Winter has been terrible in Luleå it feels great to be welcomed by this view from our cabin every morning.



The slopes are rock hard but well prepped. Björkliden is my turf. I´v been hanging here on school breaks since i was 10 years old.


We met up with some friends. Lunch outside this time of year is quite uncommon. But with temperature around -5°c and clear skies it feels like late winter.


The snow outside the slopes is also hard packed and cycling conditions really are awesome. I will return here with the fat bike. But for now it´s quality time with the family and friends. Also, alpine skiing is pretty awesome too. Cheers from the winter paradise in Swedish Lapland, Björkliden.



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