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Pimp my Muk´

Finally i´m getting things done on the fat bike. I ordered new wheels from Slam69. Surly Larry rims and Hope Fatsno hubs. A beautiful custom hand build set with white spokes from The Slam Man. I also wanted to go 1×10 but due snowy conditions needed the low gears. With OneUp components awesome 42t sprocket it´s possible. Being a geek and all i also went for new discs from Superstar components. I run Superstar on my AM rig and i like them. Alpine rotors are available in white and green bolts just look great with the white/green frame and the white spokes. Now i´m just waiting for the skewers so i can fit the wheels… I sold my old wheels to The Lars for his new Mukluk. We are working on it right now and a build report is coming up on as soon as we are ready.





8 thoughts on “Pimp my Muk´”

    1. Thanks. But this was a post from Olov. =)
      Lars will soon be posting an update on his Muk build.(golden) Sorry for confusing you. I just added Lars as a co writer. Cheers!

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