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Pimp my Muk´Part II. Get One up

The One Up rear sprocket and front Raceface wide/narrow chain ring has being waiting to get assembled for a while now. Early spring has made me run the Singular Peregrine to work the last couple of weeks and the Muk been resting. However, heavy snow fall last night made me stay up late installing the new drive train. The One up sprocket sure is a super upgrade. 20140321-133919.jpg
Make me run 1×10 without loosing the low gear. Super easy to install and works like a charm. Combined with the new wheels the Muk is one mean machine! It was a blast to ride to work. Lunch break was also dedicated to ride. I met up with Andreas and bumped around some wood trails. He brought the Gopro. I´ll post a film if he get it edited.

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