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Salsa taking the lead with the BUCKSAW

There has been a lot of fuzz about the new Fat bike sus fork from Rock Shox on the web lately. Borealis and Rocky mountain is releasing new front suspension models that looks really great.
But then a newsletter from awesome Salsa cycles hits the inbox. Introducing the Bucksaw!
Back in 2012 Mike “Kid” Riemer told us about a prototype full suspension fat bike.

I´ll guess they have been busy since then…
Personally i´ve been against suspension on fat bikes. Suspension works bad in -30°c as do hydraulic breaks. The beauty of fat bikes is the simplicity.
However i might reconsider because this bike looks pretty damn awesome!
It´s built around their proven split pivot system that´s used on the Spearfish and Horsethief. The feeling i get is to use the rigid Mukluk for cold winter riding and touring. But this baby is for single track summer shredding, big mountain ripping or just plain fun trail riding. Hence Bucksaw summer fun, Muk winter fun.

Well done Salsa! Read all about it HERE!

3 thoughts on “Salsa taking the lead with the BUCKSAW”

  1. Have you seen the weight listed anywhere? While this bike certainly is cool, it seems a bit overkill to me. That said, I’d still ride one!

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