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We´re on the air baby

I can’t believe we did it. But we did! Our first episode of Bike Life in Swedish Lapland the pod cast is on the air on Mountain bike radio. Its our first staggering steps as pod casters. We went along and just did it. This first episode is trail and error for me and The Lars, an introduction of us and getting to know the pod cast media and tech. In the future we will have more segments and better organization, probably more beer to. I am so grateful to get this opportunity from Ben at MTBR. Its a dream come true to do radio for me. Still its super hard to do in english. Writing is one thing, but talk for 30 minutes is some thing else.

You can stream or down load on www.mountainbikeradio.com or get the FREE app for IOS Appstore Android Google-play or Android Amazon

What the hell! Just click here and listen to MTBR dammit! =)


1 thought on “We´re on the air baby”

  1. You two did an amazing job! Congratulations and I can’t wait to hear more. It just makes me want to visit Sweden even more than I already had wanted to. I really do hope to meet you sometime and thank you so much for the mention Olov, that was very kind of you and surprised me to hear that very much! Your friend is right about those of us that live in 7 months of winter that the winter season is definitely the proper cycling season. Great job you guys. Cheers!

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