Family life, Fat Bike

Less is more

Both me and The Lars took the easter weekend off and went to different places on the country side. I took the family and went to Lassbyn to visit my dear friends Fredrik and Anna. Fredrik runs the fabulus Aurora Safari Camp by the river of Råneå. My Mukluk also tagged along and i got the last ice ride for this winter. Fredrik went kite surfing. A little film is coming shortly. I also had a little “official” chat with him about a future fat bike summit around the arctic circle. More on that in the next episode of the Podcast.


The Lars took his new Mukluk and went to lovley Överkalix. He had his first proper trail ride on his fat bike. I guess he was pretty pleased.

Now i´m stuck at work and it´s a bit slow so i´m goofing around the internet and fond this clip from Transition. I love the Klunker philosophy. Lately i´ve been stoked by the new full suss Salsa Bucksaw. But perhaps this is all you need to have a good time.
About $500 of pure fun…

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