Fuck cancer, ride your bike

The story of Ezra Caldwell reached via social media. Nine years ago i lost my father to cancer. Getting older cancer scares the shit out of me. Stories like Ezras are hopeful and yet terrifying. To watch him put down all his effort to ride. Despite going through treatment and being sick as hell. The willing to live and squeeze out the last drips of life by go out and ride just breaks my heart. Truly inspirational and beautiful.

Ezra died the evening of May 24. My favorite bicycle quote feels more important then ever.

I don not ride to ad days to my life, but to ad life to my days.

Morning by the river

Sometimes you just need to get out and ride. It can be hard to find the time between family, work and all the “must dos”. Today i got an extra hour before work. Riding the local trails on the monstercross just makes life a bit less complicated. It´s been a while since i took the Peregrine for a spin. 20140521-164631-60391325.jpg

May has been quite cold this far but this morning was a good one. +20 c and no wind made a morning ride impossible to resist. The trail around the bridges along the river of Luleå is one of my favorite spots. Steep sand slopes that dives to shore makes this one of the most beautiful places around here. The drop bars makes it possible to ride fast on the narrow single track between the pines.

Summer is here, no question about that. We are heading to the bright time of Swedish Lapland with midnight sun 24/7. Lets hope for a long warm summer. Lots of big bike plans. If they don’t come true we still got this right behind our doorstep. 20140521-164634-60394658.jpg

Bad ass steel 26+ hard tail from Surly

A few year ago i had a On-one 456 steel hard tail. That´s the bike i miss the most. Ever since i sold it i´ve been planning to get me a new one. I like the 456, it´s not light but lots of fun. Lately it´s been all about fat bikes. The Bucksaw got my attention and i was planning at build as my next bike. However, it´s quite expensive and not on the market for quite a while. Then the awesome guys at Surly made this beast! Surly Instigator 26+

A long travel steel hard tail with 50 mm rims and semi fat 2.75-3.0 tires. Just like the 29+ but 26″. This means 650 (27.5″) wheels. Oh my god this looks like a bad ass trail eater.

I´m selling my Specialized Pitch to make room, both economically and physic, to build me one of these beasts. Negotiations is taking place with Charlie the Bikemonger as i write this. =) Plan is Rockshox 140 mm Revelation or Sector. XT 1×10 groupset and dropper post.
Stay tuned…

Bikepacking the easy and the hard way

Here´s some inspiration on bikepacking. I would love to load up the bike and go away for a couple of days. Or just one day like Yetirides from Finland does. The idea that you can have an adventure by just going out on a ride around the corner is awesome.

Bikepacking the easy way

But the hard way is also pretty cool. Like these guys. This video is just crazy!

Bikepacking the hard way

The market on bags sure is increasing. Mountain bike radio even got a show just about bikepacking.
Check it out. http://www.mountainbikeradio.com/bikepacker-radio/intro-show/
Some links to cool packing gear

Episode #1 – Aurora Safari Camp and Bikepacking dreams


The second episode of our show on Mountainbike Radio is live! We talk about bikepacking, discuss the new Salsa Bucksaw and speculate around the pros and cons of full-suspension fatbikes. There are plans around a fatbike summit, and an interview with our friend Fredrik from his wonderful Aurora Safari Camp!

Bike life in Swedish Lapland on Mountainbike Radio