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Three Mukluks and a Pugsley

The spring arrived early this year. Finally it was time to take the first proper trail ride. We, thats me the Lars, Sven and the newest fat biker in town Anders. it was decided to take a early morning ride today. What happens? Snow fall during night… Anyway falling back on rule #5 (harden the fuck up) we assembled around 08.00 for riding out to Hertsöträsk. It had stopped snowing and the sun peeped in a bit. I think we have ride all kinds of conditions today. Snow, singeltrack, gravel road, asphalt, dry sand, wet sand, swamp, water holes, footbridges, ice, you name it. We rode it. The local fat bike community is growing. Two years ago just Sven. Last year me and Sven. Now Lars and Anders joined forces. I´ll bet there will be more next year. The bikes are hard to get up here. Anders got his Mukluk just a week ago. Our LBS is at Trek dealer but they only got one Farly this year. It sold out fast. However the buyer remains hidden. They will get more in august, Farly 6 and 8. The Farly 8 will have the Rockshox Bluto! Fredrik, manager, tell med they also will have Bontrager wheels and tires. Seams like Trek is on the fat train for real. When fat bikes hardly is available in Sweden (at least for now) we’re forced to turn to our friends in the UK. Slam69 and Charlie the bikemonger. This time Charlie delivered the second bike to our part of the world. There is a Moonlander in our neighbor town Boden that he blessed Mikael with.

Anyway… some pics from the ride.

The Fat bikes of Luleå

Slippery trails

wet wet wet

Swedish “fika” break by the lake

The forest is beautiful with a thin layer of snow

Isn´t it suppose to be spring???

25 hard earned kilometers. Thanks guys, lets do it again.

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