Episode #1 – Aurora Safari Camp and Bikepacking dreams


The second episode of our show on Mountainbike Radio is live! We talk about bikepacking, discuss the new Salsa Bucksaw and speculate around the pros and cons of full-suspension fatbikes. There are plans around a fatbike summit, and an interview with our friend Fredrik from his wonderful Aurora Safari Camp!

Bike life in Swedish Lapland on Mountainbike Radio

6 thoughts on “Episode #1 – Aurora Safari Camp and Bikepacking dreams”

    1. Thanks Kevin! Around february/march. When the days has gotten a little longer. Wanna come? That would be awesome!

      1. I would love to but can’t make any promises just now. Sounds like it would be amazing, seeing the aurora and riding fat bikes are two of my favourite things. It would be amazing if I could make it happen. I’ll keep in touch.

      2. Thank you Olov! Of course if you ever make your way to Banff you will also have a place to stay. I live very close to the start of the Great Divide trail if you are ever interested in doing some good bike packing. Have a great weekend!

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