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Bad ass steel 26+ hard tail from Surly

A few year ago i had a On-one 456 steel hard tail. That´s the bike i miss the most. Ever since i sold it i´ve been planning to get me a new one. I like the 456, it´s not light but lots of fun. Lately it´s been all about fat bikes. The Bucksaw got my attention and i was planning at build as my next bike. However, it´s quite expensive and not on the market for quite a while. Then the awesome guys at Surly made this beast! Surly Instigator 26+

A long travel steel hard tail with 50 mm rims and semi fat 2.75-3.0 tires. Just like the 29+ but 26″. This means 650 (27.5″) wheels. Oh my god this looks like a bad ass trail eater.

I´m selling my Specialized Pitch to make room, both economically and physic, to build me one of these beasts. Negotiations is taking place with Charlie the Bikemonger as i write this. =) Plan is Rockshox 140 mm Revelation or Sector. XT 1×10 groupset and dropper post.
Stay tuned…

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