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Morning by the river

Sometimes you just need to get out and ride. It can be hard to find the time between family, work and all the “must dos”. Today i got an extra hour before work. Riding the local trails on the monstercross just makes life a bit less complicated. It´s been a while since i took the Peregrine for a spin. 20140521-164631-60391325.jpg

May has been quite cold this far but this morning was a good one. +20 c and no wind made a morning ride impossible to resist. The trail around the bridges along the river of Luleå is one of my favorite spots. Steep sand slopes that dives to shore makes this one of the most beautiful places around here. The drop bars makes it possible to ride fast on the narrow single track between the pines.

Summer is here, no question about that. We are heading to the bright time of Swedish Lapland with midnight sun 24/7. Lets hope for a long warm summer. Lots of big bike plans. If they don’t come true we still got this right behind our doorstep. 20140521-164634-60394658.jpg

7 thoughts on “Morning by the river”

  1. Hej, jag bor i Luleå och har nyligen skaffat en cross. Har du några tips på bra rundor i närheten? Ju fler ju bättre 🙂

    1. Tjena! Finns ju massor av skogsvägar och stigar som lämpar sig för cross. Jag kör mest mtb. Crossen är min pendlare. Kolla in facebookgruppen MTB norr.

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