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For a long time i´ve been eager to explore the islands of our archipelago. A few days ago we took a trip to the nearest, Sandön. It´s located just outside the city bay. You just need to cross a little channel to get to the island that stretches around 15 kilometers out. Out new friend Anders and his new Mukluk acted guide. He also has a small dingy for transport over the channel. We don’t have tides up here in the bay of Bothina but this day the sea level was about 60 centimeters under average. Resulting in even more sand shores to explore. We took an early start when a few of us had to be back after lunch. IMG_1072

The weather was stunning and we got an epic ride around the island. We got 10 kilometers forest trails and 10 kilometer awesome sand riding. Check the our route on Endomondo HERE. Before hitting the dunes we headed up to a rock field in the middle of the island. Quite a cool place.



This is just the beginning of our island expeditions. There are around 1 000 island out there to explore. Restaurants and cafes on a few of them and miles of sand and rock shores.



The wet sand is packed and perfect to ride on.




Due to extremely low sea level we could ride far out on the sea bed.


We sure will be back.

Here is a little edit…

4 thoughts on “Shores”

    1. Thanks it is quite wonderful. No, we do not have tides here. It was just pure luck that the sea level was quite low that day.

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