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Night riders

We sure got our fair share of winter and short days up here around the arctic circle. But when summer finally comes it brings the light of the midnight sun. It just doesn´t get dark for a couple of weeks. Right now the sun is at its peak. This far the summer´s had a slow start with low temperatures and rainy days.
But he bright night are awesome for trail riding. It´s been a while since we were out on the local trails. So last night we went for a little spin. We (me, the Lars and Andreas the fisherman) headed out on Kallaxheden. Sweet sandy trails among the pine trees. We gathered around 08.30 pm and headed out to a little lake, Kvarnträsket.

This pic is around 10 pm =)

This place is awesome for fat bikes. Fast trails combined with sand makes riding a blast. There are some cool sandpits along the way.

The Fisherman, who don´t ride fat tires, had some trouble in some parts.
Look how stupid he looks with those tiny tires… =)

I could not stop my self from ripping in the pits. We´re for sure going back here to do some Gopro edits. It´s a really cool place.

After playing around in the pits and trails we were closing in on midnight and headed back to town for a well earned after bike beer at the local waterhole.

The simple things in life are the best. In this case. Friends, bikes and beer.


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