Fat Bike, Trails

Boys of summer

There is not much riding being done right now. I´m managing the shop by my self for a couple of weeks as my brother is on vacation. Over the last few days temperature has been rising to over 30 degrees Celsius and business is slow. I thing i have watched every single mountain bike edit on the internet.
Yesterday was by far the hottest day and i just needed to take a ride to the beach for a brew and an evening swim, and of course some sweet sand fat biking. The Lars dropped by my place after work and we headed to one of our many sand spots that has evening sun. First a bit bit of gravel road by the riverside.

Then its time for those sweet sweet packed sand trails among the pines.

There are trails in every direction around here. But we headed right to the shores of Luleå River.
I had been inside all day but Lars who got the day off chilled on the sand while i took a swim.

We had a couple of beers in the evening sun, the time is around 8.30 pm and it starts to get darker. In a few weeks it will get completely dark during night even up here.

The Mukluks took a rest in the sand.

Before returning we took a little roll on the sand. Nights like this one are pretty rare and so very beautiful.

On the way back we stopped by where i usually go out on the ice during winter. These to pics are the exact same spot. I love the contrasts of living up here.

The sun has not set yet…

To sum up an excellent evening we stopped for a few more beers at our favorite hangout by the north harbor in Luleå. Lots of people just strolling around. Lots of people turning their heads saying: Look at those big tires. When riding fat bikes that kind of comes withe the package.

And finally the sun sets, around 11.00 pm. Cheers bike lovers.

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