Episode #5 Arctic Adventures on the air

While in Björkliden we recorded a new episode for the podcast on Mountainbikeradio.com with guests Kevin Hodgson from the UK and Fredrik Broman, Aurorasafaricamp/Humanspectra.com

Quite messy and chaotic but we had great fun recording it. Check it HERE!

New episode soon on @mtnbikeradio from #bjorkliden #swedishlapland

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Big mountain weekend – Day four (last one)

We had quite proper weather the last few days, a bit cloudy. But to wake up on our last day in Björkliden and get kissed by the sun form a clear sky i just amazing.

The riding to day was all about filming. We headed out to the single tracks behind the hotel. The trails here are just amazing.

Out british friend Kevin headed out on an adventure by him self. Me and Lars got some pretty awesome shots. I’ll start editing as soon as possible. We ended the day with a swedish classic. Fried palt on open fire with lingon berrys.
A perfect end to a perfect weekend.


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Big mountain weekend – Day three

Riding down to Rombaksbotten from Riksgränsen is a trail i’ve been longing to do for years. It’s the old support trail for the railway that runs from the mountains down to the fjords by the atlantic ocean. This is an epic 15 kilometer ride of awesome single track through stunning nature.


IMG_7102.JPG We did a lot of filming and photographing. There sure will be more reports from this further on.
Well back home we had an excellent dinner at the hotel. The view from the restaurant in Björkliden is just stunning.

IMG_7118.JPG Later on we did an episode on the podcast. Great fun to have Kevin and Fredrik as guests.

IMG_7126.PNG Check it out on Mountain bike radio.

Big mountain weekend – Day two

The second day in Björkliden served up single track paradise. We headed for the highest situated mountain station in Sweden at 4000 ft above sea level. We did about 3000 ft on nine kilometers. One hell of a climb.

IMG_7071.JPG But well worth the effort since we got a fair decent as reward. Låktatjåkka mountain station serve awesome waffles and we had a great re-fuel before the decent.


They also got the highest located bar in Sweden.

IMG_7076.JPG The ride down was epic. We did a lot of filming. There will be a edit as soon as we get home.

IMG_7088.JPG Now we’re drinking and replannig for tomorrows adventures…


Big mountain weekend – Day one

We finally got away on a big mountain weekend. Three days of fat bikes, rafting and beer drinking in Swedish Lapland. Me and Fredrik loaded up the minivan with fun stuff and headed to Bjorkliden.

IMG_7049.JPG We left a rainy Luleå and after a five hour drive we arrived at a mountain resort soaked in sun.

IMG_7028.JPG My buddy Kevin from the UK was already here and we hooked up for a brew planning the weekends adventures.

IMG_7045.JPG The Lars had some work obligations and will join tomorrow.
I have a feeling this weekend is going to be awesome. Stay tuned….