Guest blogger at the Salsa Culture blog

I´m super proud to take part in Free Range October on the Salsa Cycles Culture blog as a quest blogger. Free range October is a one month of every day fresh content that goes hand in hand with their philosophy:
“At Salsa, we believe a sense of adventure makes life better. The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it’s a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences.” Lots of amazing stories from across the globe.

In the late summer me and some friends had a micro adventure on one of the remote islands far out in our archipelago. Check out my story, just click on the image below.

Rise of the planet of the Fat Bikes

About one year ago i wrote a post on how fat bikes was going to the masses. In my wildest dreams i could not think of the progress being made since then. Fat bikes are now a part of the bike scene. Riders and manufacturers has realised that fat tires are not just for sand or snow. Since the Rock Shox Bluto fork has arrived more and more fattys get front suspension as standard.
Salsa Cycles stepped up and made the first full suspension Fat Bike “Bucksaw” and declared that Fat bikes are mountain bikes. And now we see a lot of prototypes hitting the scene.

I also got a feeling that common people also starting to get a hang of it. Every body who runs fat bikes are use to turning heads and reactions like: “wow thats some big tires” “isn´t that heavy to ride around” “i´ve never seen anything like that before”
Now days i get more and more people saying: “oh, thats one of those fat bikes, they´re really cool”.
Still the bike community is split. But there will always be those who are against. But thats ok fat bikes are not for every one. But to say that it´s just a passing trend is just stupid.

But be warned, Fat Bike are addictive. Just check this Infographic form