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The emptiness of a broken bottom bracket

Sooo… My ethirteen bottombracket finally died. Honestly i´ve been waiting for it to crash. When i built up the Mukluk two years ago there were not much to choose from regarding fat bike cranks due to the 100 mm wide axle. I finally got my hands on the ethirteen and they looked awesome. Still i soon noticed that the sealing in the bearings were quite un-seald. The plastic cover came loose all the time and the left crank kept unscrewing it self. Also there were no plastic tube to cover the axle. Quite crappy if you ask me. ethirteen is a high end brand after all… Any way, after my last disassemble of the bottom bracket the balls just fell out (lol) and the bottom bracket shell was as usual full of dirt.

Without the axle cover the axle takes quite a beating.

It could have been an easy thing to fix if the axle would not have been 30 mm instead of the standard 24 mm. Then new cups would do the trick. But now i need a whole crank set. Worst of all i need it before Saturday when i´m doing a thing for French TV on ice riding. Fat bike parts is not easy to find where i live and i had to go to my other “local” bike shop, Slam69 in the UK. Now a Race Face ride crank set is on its way from England. Just praying it´ll get here i time. *fingers crossed”

One week rest for the Muk in the suit department at my store.


Oh, regarding the French TV show. I´ll get back to that next week. =)

2 thoughts on “The emptiness of a broken bottom bracket”

    1. We’ll see how they mange. Cant be worse than eThirteen…. Still i wish Shimano would make a XT crank set for fattys. The Hollowtech II are bombproof.

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