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Back on the ice

After seven days of constant snowing, resulting in a new record, 113 cm, the sun showed her face again. I finally got to take a little ride on the ice before work.


It’s a blessing to get out for about 30 minutes and do this. The iceroad goes aroud our town and is a great recreation place.

Still, after living my whole life by the sea. I’m stunned by the beauty of the ice and the crazy contrasts of living in a place where the seasons are so far apart. Last summer was amazing with almost tropic temperatures.
And now this. Loads of snow and frozen archipelago.


Life in Swedish Lapland is a life well spent.

4 thoughts on “Back on the ice”

  1. For some reason your posts are not showing up in my feed anymore 😦 . So glad you commented on my Instagram because I just thought you’d stopped blogging. Now I know to manually check your blog from time to time.

    So I checked the cost of flights from Australia to Sweden in late January / early February (that’s as far ahead as the airlines will show prices) so now I know how much I need to save to come fat biking there. I’m not sure how to get my bike there yet but that is usually just a matter of either packing very light or paying for extra baggage allowance. I can see myself in some of the sunset fatbiking photos 🙂 . I will keep an eye on the airfares over the coming 5-6 months so that I can book closer to the date.

    1. Very good. I know the bike will fit in an evoc bike bag. My friend Kevin from UK use that for his fat bike when he comes here.

      1. Oh that’s good to know. I have been using a cardboard box for my touring bike because I’ve been doing one way rides but will look at the Evoc Bag … A mate of mine uses it for his fat bike too

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