Alive and kicking

Sometimes life just runs past you and there is nothing you can do about it. I´ve been so busy the last few months. Renovating the house, some family trouble and writing content for other websites. Still i have been keeping it up on social media.

Spring has arrived since last post and i´m longing to get the Instigator ready for some proper trail shredding. I´ve ordered rims and hubs from our lbs today and i´m going to build my own wheels for the first time. Might get interesting.

The winter has been awesome. Great fat bike conditions on the ice. I´ve been testing a bike for and the article is out now check it HERE . Also lot of great stuff in the making for times to come. Among those out bike summit in Björkliden. I´ll be sharing that when our web-site is finished.

Meanwhile, check out this amazing short form Montanus The Wilde Side. These guys sure capture the essence of fat biking and bike packing in winter conditions. I think this is one of the best shorts ever made about fat biking.