Mech Sunday

The day after snowy Saturday was maintenance Sunday. Due to the crappy weather the day before we were about to cancel. But all of a sudden May showed her best side. 

We finally got to re-place The Lars fork. Salsa reclaimed the Bearpaws on all 2014 Mukluks a few months ago. The Lars got a replacement but we just haven’t found the time to fit it.  

We also changed tires on some of the girls commuters and i change cabels on my Muk. In other words traditional spring maintenance. 


Since we were in fork fitting mood i cut the stear tube on the RS Revelation and the Instigstor now got its fork fitted properly. It looks very bling bling with Chris King and Thomson parts.  


To have a few friends over, open the tool box and have a few beers is sure is one my favorite things i this bike-geek business. 

Finally, throw a few sausages on the barbecue and having dinner on the porch made a good Sunday perfect. 


Premiere ride on the Instigator is getting closer. Just waiting for the last parts. 

Oh, we promised to destroy the old fork. So here we go…

Stay tuned folks. 

Spring fail

May is a weird month. Last year we had about 25 degrees Celsius this time of year. Today snow and about 4 degrees. This is the weather outside work right now… 

Good thing i have the Instigator to work on.

Wheels soon ready.  But it has not been with out trouble. I had to re-lace both a couple of times before i got them right. Also the wheel tuning stand that I borrowed from a friend did not take over sizes axles. So Fredrik at my lbs is tuning them for me. 

I finally see an end to the long build process and my goal is to have the bike ready to 7:e of June to go ride at Bygdsiljum bike park. 

Here is Fredrik from lbs riding one of the lines last summer.