Tennis ride by the river


My oldest is going to tennis camp this week. Two hours a day, great stuff and she loves it. I´m not very interested in the white sport but so happens to be the tennis court is located just along one of the best local trail spots.  


To day i went for a spin in the damp weather during hers practice. I´ve been writing about these trails before but i never get tired of this beautiful place by the Luleå river.


Awesome trails in the forest and by the shore the river cuts through the sandy soil. There are just trails everywhere. 


Beautifully located by the river there is a summer café. Amazing view and awesome shrimp sandwiches. Weather has been quite damp the last few days so i was the only customer today.


Just by the café there is a train museum. Wheels, got to be mankind’s best invention. And coffee of course. Combined it’s hard to beat.  

I’ve had quite a few rides on The Instigator by now and will soon write a little something about it.  But it feels great but i still prefer the fat bike when it gets more technical trials.


Midsummer solstice ride

Every year Sven has his own little tradition to go ride in the midnight sun on the brightest day of the year. This time he invited some friends. We met up around 10 pm for a 10 km ride to a small forest lake. I had to force myself since i almost fell asleep while putting my 4-yearold to bed before leaving. But when arriving at the randevou point in full sun light it was totally worth it.


We took off in to the forest on quite technical trails. Lots of roots and rocks. To stop and have a chat was not an option. Mosquitos are quite eager for man-blood. Especially at night. It´s just a 8.2 kilometer ride to the lake and riding thorough the woods at almost midnight is really something else.

It has been pretty wet this spring, trails are muddy in some parts and there are loads of wood bridges over the mud holes. I brought the Instigator but should have ridden the Mukluk. This is fat bike country!
After a while the forest opens up an we arrive to the lake.

This is really something. On Midsummer solstice the sun stays down for about one hour, well “down” it´s more like it starts to set and then have second thoughts and start to rise again.

We were not alone by the lake a few midnight sport fishing enthusiasts were already there.

We made a little fire to keep the mosquitos away and cracked a brew. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

About 30 minutes past midnight we headed back. We took a different route with some faster trail. Good stuff.

 These bright summer nights makes an amazing contrast to the dark winter. In december we only get two hours of day light. 

Around 01:30 i parked up the Instigator in the garage. This will defenetly be a tradition i’ll be taking part of in years to come. Gonna try to make it in December on the darkest day of the year.

Surly Instigator 2

Ever since i had my On-one 456 I’ve had a soft spot for steel all mountain hard tails. When sold it to buy a full suspension Specialized I’ve kind of missed it. I dont know why i have this weakness for these kind of mountain bikes. Perhaps it is the feeling of old school Going back to basic kind of thing. Or perhaps it’s just that they are badass. 

When Surly announced that they were bringing back their Instigator but this time with 26+ tires and 140 mm fork i put up my full susser for sale. This was the bike I’ve been waiting for. I got the frame last summer but the project had been on ice for the whole winter. Yesterday it was finally finished.

I got the last parts and stolen some stuff from my poor Mukluk to get it ready.

Drivetrain. Shimano Zee cranks with Superstar w/n 32 chain ring. XT cassette Slx derailer. Both upgraded with OneUp 42 cog and rad cage.  


Chris King headset, Thomson stem and Easton Havoc bars. XT breaks. One thing on the Shimano breaks. They are awesome! Super easy to fit. Did not even had to bleed after cutting the cabels. Me like!  

When buying the Instigstor ready built it comes with a Fox fork.  I like Rock Shox so i went for the 140 mm Revelation 27.5. The Dirt Wizards got plety of room. They’re sitting on 40 mm Alex rims, bomb proof! 

Regarding dropper post i wanted the best. I’ve had problems with droppers before so i went for Thomson Elit dropper. However i’m having some problems with that. Digging it to that and will follow up in future blog posts. 

I love the neat little remote.

I can’t wait to hit the trails with this beast. I love my fat bike but when going more agressive it’s a bit bumpy.  


The Superstar saddle is not only super cool it is also quite comfy. 

I’ve just rolled it for about an hour. I will be back with full review in a few week when I’ve got some dirt on it.