Tennis ride by the river


My oldest is going to tennis camp this week. Two hours a day, great stuff and she loves it. I´m not very interested in the white sport but so happens to be the tennis court is located just along one of the best local trail spots.  


To day i went for a spin in the damp weather during hers practice. I´ve been writing about these trails before but i never get tired of this beautiful place by the Luleå river.


Awesome trails in the forest and by the shore the river cuts through the sandy soil. There are just trails everywhere. 


Beautifully located by the river there is a summer café. Amazing view and awesome shrimp sandwiches. Weather has been quite damp the last few days so i was the only customer today.


Just by the café there is a train museum. Wheels, got to be mankind’s best invention. And coffee of course. Combined it’s hard to beat.  

I’ve had quite a few rides on The Instigator by now and will soon write a little something about it.  But it feels great but i still prefer the fat bike when it gets more technical trials.


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