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Love, life and friends is all that matters

I´m sitting in the office at work and writing a post about our amazing wedding last Saturday. While i´m scanning through the pictures by my good friend Fredrik at i get interrupted by a customer. An old man by the counter. He tells me his wife passed away last week and he needs a new white shirt for the funeral. We talk for a while as he tries out the size and model. He seams quite ok, smiles and leave the shop with a new shirt. While i´m watching him on the sidewalk i get very moved by the situation. I´ve been walking on clouds the last few days. So happy and thankful for having Jessica by my side and for the two kids we created together. For all of our amazing friends and family.
Our journey has just begun and life lies ahead of us. Meeting a man on the other side of life journey really makes you think.

Struck by the moment and realizing how short life is i had to call Jessica just to hear her voice and tell her i love her. She was busy with the kids riding her bike to a new café that just opened just where we live. All the noise in the background, laughing kids, the wind in the phone, her voice a bit stressed holding the bars with one hand and the 4 year old on the trailer behind. That, is life happening right there. We´re in the middle of it and it´s short. Lets make the most of it. Live, love and ride bikes.

Here are some pics by Fredrik from our wedding. 115 guests, dragshow, burlesque strippers and clowns. All you need to make a kick-ass wedding. I want to thank everyone who made it one of the best nights of our life. I love you all so much! Without our friends we´re noting.




the lars








4 thoughts on “Love, life and friends is all that matters”

    1. Thank you! Hahaa… sure was! Everybody was stunned and especially the three teenage boys. Thought their eyes was going to pop out =)

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