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Salsa 2016 line up

Salsa Cycles just released their 2016 lineup and i must say it is looking gooood!
Besides their classics like Vaya, Horsethief, El Mariachi, Mukluk, Spearfish and so on they got a few pretty awesome bikes.

Here are my favorites.

I´ve always been a fan of the Monster Cross type of bike. My Singular Peregrine is by far the one of my rides that i use the most. For commuting, gravel and trail riding. It is basically a mountain bike with drop bars or off road specific drop bars like Salsas Woodchipper or On-one Midge.

This year Salsa presents the Deadwood. A 29+ Monstercross!
Need i say i love it? I guess not.

For quite a time i´ve been convinced that bigger tires are here to stay. By bigger i don´t just mean fat. Wider rims and tires are heading to regular bikes both on and off road. The Plus standard is here to stay and i´ll bet we will see a lot more regular trail bikes with 27.5+ and 29+ wheels.

The Pony Rustler is a brilliant example. This young stallion is based on the Horsethief but got space for 27.5+ (3.0″ tires)it is also possible to ride regular 29″ wheels as long as the hubs are right.
But honestly i do not see the reason for that. Riding trails it´s all about traction and 3.0 tires is the sweet spot on a trail bike.

And then of course there is the Bucksaw. Second season for the fat bike that changed every thing. I have not yet even seen one in real life but this bike is the one that still keeps me awake at night. All the reviews and ride reports speaks of a game changer. I love riding my Mukluk, it handles very good when going fast and climbs like a goat. Ad split pivot suspension it must be a killer.

This year it comes in black! This is my next ride. Just have to make it a long term build to afford it.

I fall in love with Salsa more and more for every year. Great brand with great bikes. We also got a proper disruption in Sweden now through NordicTrade.

Check out Salsa whole 2016 lineup HERE

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