Mukluk or Wednesday? That is the question.

My dream bike is still the Salsa Bucksaw. I´ve been planning to upgrade the frame on my current fattie, Salsa Mukluk. Since i run Hope fatsno hubs i can just get adapters for the wheels to fit frame and Bluto fork and just move over the other parts. Bam! Muk became a Bucksaw. The new black one looks dashing.

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But still the Bucksaw frame is very expensive. So i´ll guess it will stay a dream… However i could get a Bluto fork for the Muk. I use the Fat bike as my regular mountain bike and i like fast trails and going down hill. Rigid fork is a bit bouncy and the head angle feels a bit steep sometimes. Problem is my Muk is 2013 and is not compatible with 100 Bluto fork. I guess it would work but it´s not recommended.
The new Mukluk for 2016 got all new geomtry, it is based on the Blackborrow It looks really nice it is an option. Or i guess so, i have not seen the price on frame yet. The only thing that bothers me about the Mukluk is 4.8 tires would be very tight. Ever since i tested the MAXX Jagoamasta for witch ran 4.8 mm Jumbo Jims on 80 mm rims i´m in love with that combo. Works like a charm on snow and kicks ass on my local trails during summer.

Then Surly introduces this.

Pic form

The more i look at it the more it feels like something that will fit my type of riding perfect.
It´s all there.
Dropper post internal housing.
4.8″ tires on 80 mm rims.
68.5 degrees head angle. That´s just 0.5 less then my Instigator.
44 mm head tube. (the best standard if you ask me)
The only thing i might be a little skeptical about is the horizontal drop outs, and maybe the weight. Also i guess the price might be right. Complete bike is listed to cost about $1500 the frame set should be quite affordable.

I´m a Salsa kind of guy and i love my Mukluk but this Wednesday fattie just looks so rad.


The south harbor in Luleå is just a couple of hundred meters down the road from my shop. Since i drop by here almost every day i might as well start a little photo project. Up here in the north we are bound by the seasons. I’ve lived here almost my whole life and the changes still amaze me. Right now we have the last days of summer. But winter is coming and it will all freeze up. I plan to take a pic every week and post to my Instagram under hashtag #seasonsbythebay Check it out and follow as summer turns to winter in Swedish Lapland. I’ll start today. Here is the first pic. 

Beautiful morning with mist leaving as temperature rise. 

Ride report, beach riding at Sandön

Once again my dear fat bike friend Kevin spend his vacation with us in Swedish Lapland.
Kevin is joining us in Björkliden for the Bike summit but first he is going to explore Norway for a few days. Since he flies from Manchester to Luleå he stayed an extra day in Luleå for some sweet beach riding on one of our bigger islands.

Sandön is located just out side Luleå, just a narrow canal separates it from the main land. We borrowed a little dingy for transport across. Had to go two rounds to get over two Mukluks with riders.


Finally over, we ride about one kilometer of gravel road until we hit the trail to the south side of the island. On the way we cross a huge boulder field. It sweeps through the forest in waves made of old sea bed created thousands of years ago. 



Crossing the boulder are no match for the fat bikes. A couple more kilometers through the forest and it is time to hit the shores. It has been quite a crappy summer this year but the last few days has been amazing. The water level has dropped and temperature has gone up to about 25 degrees Celsius. Before heading out it´s time do adjust tire pressure to softer conditions. 

Riding here is really amazing. Even if the water level isn’t quite as low as last year. Sometimes we had to run across shallow water. This is one of the best things you can do on a fat bike. 


When we´re getting further out on the outside all the boulders are gone. Landscape changes from moon-like to desert-like.  


Kevin, who lives in the Lake District is still amazed that we do not have any tide. The shoreline just looks like this. Always, depending on water level. 

Soon we reach another canal and we follow the shore and ends up at Klubbviken. A bath resort accessible by boat and ferry for the public. The restaurant is still open and we have classic fried Swedish herring (not the fermented one) with mashed potato and lingon berries.  

After coffee and rhubarb pie we get to borrow a sea chart to make plans for the winter. This one shows the snowmobile trails and what areas to avoid during winter when all of this get covered in thick ice. Then the archipelago will get even more accessible by fat bike.  The plan is to bike-pack to Småskär 30 kilometers across the ice and do an over-nighter.


Still winter is far away and it is time to take a swim by the beach. Mukluks gets to rest while we hit the waves.


On the way back we take the north side. Along the shoreline there are loads of cabins and summer houses. We have to ride under several boardwalks and the vegetation is much closer to the water. Very different from the outside but still very beautiful.
Far out to the left on this pic you can see the restaurant at Klubbviken.

Since Kevin is from England he spotted an island and in traditional colonial manner claimed it for British territory.

Well, i guess he can have it. It’s going to be hell on Isle Kevin during winter. Lol!

Beaches finally ends and we head up on the forest trails again. This island just got it all. Lovely forest, shores, plains and on top of that a restaurant.  

To sum up the day. Kevins bike computer said 31 kilometers. We had an awesome lunch and a swim. This fat biking thing is pretty damn awesome. 

Thanks for a great day Kev. Always a pleasure to ride with you buddy.

One of those days

You know when you wake up and there is barley no wind and the sun is shining. You take the road bike for a spin. It´s Sunday morning so you got the roads all to your self.

  You ride your local route and find there is brand new asphalt. It is like riding with the wind across the clouds.

When you stop after 20 km for some water and your loving wife calls and say we’re heading for the beach when you get back. Instead of going the old route you hit a short cut so we can get going.

You save a few miles but the short cut is beautiful.

You finally get home, make a picnic lunch, load the car and are off to the river sand slopes.

Friends joins. Kids playing. Coffee, sandwiches cold water, warm souls. Life is happening and you’re right in the middle of it.

You brought the fat bike, just for fun and realize that you never will entirely grow up.

#fatbikefun at #niporna My favorit spot. #luleå #swedishlapland #lifeinswedishlapland #salsacycles #otb

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This Sunday was one of those days.

Mukluk upgrade XT 11

This summer has mainly been about the Instigator. This bad girl is a lot of fun and have get it ready for summer i had to rob the fat bike for parts (cassette, rear derailleur and trigger).
This left my fat mistress in summer-rest. I had loads of fun on the Instigator this summer, going to bike parks and hitting the local trails. But, after a while i started to miss those fat tires. The Instigator runs 26+ 2.75″ Dirtwizards but still it feels almost like a ordinary mountain bike compared to 4.0″ tires. Especially on the more technical trails.

A few weeks ago i decided to buy a new drive train and was aiming for XT. I checked in at my lbs and was just about go for the regular XT when it struck me that the new 11 speed was going to be released this fall. I asked my lbs when? Fredrik told me it was already out and yesterday i upgraded the Muk with brand new 11 speed XT.

I´m all about single ring up front and have been riding the Oneup 42 cog upgrade. It has worked very well and even if quite expensive it is a bargain in compared to Srams 11 speed groups. With Sram you also need a complete new drive train including rear hub with special body for the 11s cassette. 


Shimanos cassette fits on regular 10 speed body. I can also run the same front n/w chainring. The whole XT set is also way cheaper then just a cassette from Sram. 

Installing was super easy and it worked super smooth with just a few adjustments. I cant imagine going for nothing else than Shimano. Both drive train and breaks. Maintenance is a walk in the park and cost is very competitive. Hopefully we will see a XT crank set for fat bikes soon. (fingers crossed)

I only had a chance to take a short ride for adjustment. But first impression is close to perfect. I’m planning a longer ride this weekend and will be back with a ride report.

It feels good to be back on the fat bike again. She still is my number one. 


Five minutes of French fame

Last winter me, Sven and Anders participated in a French adventure tv-show called Echappés belles. Apparently they travel around the world doing adventure exotic adventure stuff. I guess fat biking on the frozen archipelago of Luleå qualifies.

Here is the whole episode. Lots of great views from our amazing part of the world.

32 minutes in we´re riding the ice and get a short interview.

It kind of makes me long for winter.