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Mukluk upgrade XT 11

This summer has mainly been about the Instigator. This bad girl is a lot of fun and have get it ready for summer i had to rob the fat bike for parts (cassette, rear derailleur and trigger).
This left my fat mistress in summer-rest. I had loads of fun on the Instigator this summer, going to bike parks and hitting the local trails. But, after a while i started to miss those fat tires. The Instigator runs 26+ 2.75″ Dirtwizards but still it feels almost like a ordinary mountain bike compared to 4.0″ tires. Especially on the more technical trails.

A few weeks ago i decided to buy a new drive train and was aiming for XT. I checked in at my lbs and was just about go for the regular XT when it struck me that the new 11 speed was going to be released this fall. I asked my lbs when? Fredrik told me it was already out and yesterday i upgraded the Muk with brand new 11 speed XT.

I´m all about single ring up front and have been riding the Oneup 42 cog upgrade. It has worked very well and even if quite expensive it is a bargain in compared to Srams 11 speed groups. With Sram you also need a complete new drive train including rear hub with special body for the 11s cassette. 


Shimanos cassette fits on regular 10 speed body. I can also run the same front n/w chainring. The whole XT set is also way cheaper then just a cassette from Sram. 

Installing was super easy and it worked super smooth with just a few adjustments. I cant imagine going for nothing else than Shimano. Both drive train and breaks. Maintenance is a walk in the park and cost is very competitive. Hopefully we will see a XT crank set for fat bikes soon. (fingers crossed)

I only had a chance to take a short ride for adjustment. But first impression is close to perfect. I’m planning a longer ride this weekend and will be back with a ride report.

It feels good to be back on the fat bike again. She still is my number one. 


4 thoughts on “Mukluk upgrade XT 11”

  1. I’ll be switching back to 1x for the winter, mainly to achieve adequate tyre clearance for my Dillinger 5’s on my Muk. Last year I did it with a narrow/wide 30t up front and a Hope 40t extender in the back. I missed the ultra low gear on long climbs on the snow though. The new XT cassettes will make this easier for everyone (seriously SRAM, 1000+kr for a cassette?!), and combined with a possible 28t Direct Mount narrow/wide up front, that should give me the gear range I’m looking for.

    And +1 for more fatbike hub options. I’m not looking for ‘cheap’, I’m looking for good quality at a reasonable price. 2000kr for a rear hub is stoopid.

    1. Do you run 80 mm rims with 5.0 ” during winter? How does it work. Thinking of going for 4.7″ Jumbo Jims this year ( if they´re available)

      1. Yup, 80mm rims. Obviously the tyre profile is ever-so slightly narrower and rounder than with 100mm rims. 45NRTH actually say the Dillinger 5 (effectively a 4.8″) is compatible with 65-102mm rims.

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