Family life, Fat Bike, Road

One of those days

You know when you wake up and there is barley no wind and the sun is shining. You take the road bike for a spin. It´s Sunday morning so you got the roads all to your self.

  You ride your local route and find there is brand new asphalt. It is like riding with the wind across the clouds.

When you stop after 20 km for some water and your loving wife calls and say we’re heading for the beach when you get back. Instead of going the old route you hit a short cut so we can get going.

You save a few miles but the short cut is beautiful.

You finally get home, make a picnic lunch, load the car and are off to the river sand slopes.

Friends joins. Kids playing. Coffee, sandwiches cold water, warm souls. Life is happening and you’re right in the middle of it.

You brought the fat bike, just for fun and realize that you never will entirely grow up.


This Sunday was one of those days.

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