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Mukluk or Wednesday? That is the question.

My dream bike is still the Salsa Bucksaw. I´ve been planning to upgrade the frame on my current fattie, Salsa Mukluk. Since i run Hope fatsno hubs i can just get adapters for the wheels to fit frame and Bluto fork and just move over the other parts. Bam! Muk became a Bucksaw. The new black one looks dashing.

Pic from Salsacycles.com

But still the Bucksaw frame is very expensive. So i´ll guess it will stay a dream… However i could get a Bluto fork for the Muk. I use the Fat bike as my regular mountain bike and i like fast trails and going down hill. Rigid fork is a bit bouncy and the head angle feels a bit steep sometimes. Problem is my Muk is 2013 and is not compatible with 100 Bluto fork. I guess it would work but it´s not recommended.
The new Mukluk for 2016 got all new geomtry, it is based on the Blackborrow It looks really nice it is an option. Or i guess so, i have not seen the price on frame yet. The only thing that bothers me about the Mukluk is 4.8 tires would be very tight. Ever since i tested the MAXX Jagoamasta for fat-bike.com witch ran 4.8 mm Jumbo Jims on 80 mm rims i´m in love with that combo. Works like a charm on snow and kicks ass on my local trails during summer.

Then Surly introduces this.

Pic form Surlybikes.com

The more i look at it the more it feels like something that will fit my type of riding perfect.
It´s all there.
Dropper post internal housing.
4.8″ tires on 80 mm rims.
68.5 degrees head angle. That´s just 0.5 less then my Instigator.
44 mm head tube. (the best standard if you ask me)
The only thing i might be a little skeptical about is the horizontal drop outs, and maybe the weight. Also i guess the price might be right. Complete bike is listed to cost about $1500 the frame set should be quite affordable.

I´m a Salsa kind of guy and i love my Mukluk but this Wednesday fattie just looks so rad.

12 thoughts on “Mukluk or Wednesday? That is the question.”

    1. Pretty awesome! That is their original purpose. Check out “The films” on top of the page. There are a couple of winter edits there. 🙂

      1. Tough call. I thing the On-one fatty is lots of bang for the buck. Or a Salsa Mukluk. Don’t know what they cost in USD but it’s one hell of a fat bike.

  1. I have been planning on a Surly ICT, but then this bike comes out! I feel your pain on that.

    I also dig Salsa’s new Pony Rustler. It almost seems perfect for me, but I like rigid steel bikes.

    Good luck!

  2. If you want amazing winter riding you want to try Dillinger 5’s(I run studless) far more grippy than Jumbo Jims in snow and they roll amazingly well.. I upgraded from Snowshoes to Dillinger 5 for winter riding and the difference is insane.

    I used to think Snowshoes were decent but trying back to back with another bike using snowshoes they feel like Bambi on Ice compared to Dillingers.

    There is simply nothing that compares to Dillinger 5’s for allround winter riding, Jumbo Jims float abit better but are worse at everything else. They are however amazing for summer aslong as it isn’t too muddy and wet outside.

  3. What did you end up deciding?? Two years after this post and I’m finding myself in the exact situation.

    1. Haha… I ended up with a Custom built frame from BTR in the UK. Almost got the Wednesday but the tubing are just to crappy. Not double butted and very heavy even for steel. 🙂 The new Muk looks nice tho, but i prefer threaded BB.

    1. Ok, cool. I stand corrected, i heard the Wednesday has other tubing to keep the price down. And it is supposed to be a more affordable Surly.

  4. In a review I read that the brakes and levers are not so good, but I’m considering buying it, a really affordable bike and it takes 29er wheels too.

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