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Getto Tubeless Beist Master

Since my adventures on the MAXX Jagamoasta last winter i’ve been eager to go tubeless and fatter  on my Mukluk. 

The test bike was equipped with Schwalbe 4.8″ Jumbo Jims but they are very hard to come by. Also i guess they’re too big.

Instead i had my eyes on the 45nrth Dunderbeist. 4.6″ winter tires with massive tread pattern. Also avalible through my lbs since there is a new agent, Nordic Trade, for 45nrth in Sweden. 

My current tires. Vee-rubber Snow Shoes are totally worn out. I’m not at all pleased with their performance and they got loads of self steering and the tread pattern is pretty lame for snow. 

I gave Fredrik a visit on monday and three days later the Dunderbeist arrived. First impression were, they are massive!


Now time to go tubeless. I’ve never done that until i tryed gettotubless on the Instigator. Experimented on the rear wheel and it worked like a charm on the first try.

Should work on the fat bike too. Here is how i did it.

First i bought a pair of 24×4.0″ baby fat tubes from on-one. Need to have a smaller size on the tube compared to the rim.

Then just put it on the rim. No gorilla tape, just the regular rim strip under the tube.

Cut tube open like gutting a salmon. 

Spread it open and put on the tire.


Since i don’t have an air compressor (yet) i went to my lbs to steel some air and put in the tubeless fluid.

Air tight on the first atempt! Cut off the remaining tube. 

The chain line is very close to the tire when on biggest rear cog. We’ll see if it changes when the tire forms up after some riding. Then i might have to change the bottom bracket distances or move the chainring out. 

I did get a short spin. First impression, no self steering! Ok, i ran pretty high pressure but they felt really good. 

Also the look effing kick ass! 


3 thoughts on “Getto Tubeless Beist Master”

  1. You finally got yourself a set of actual tyres! I was going for Flowbeist front, but went with both as I got them for a total of 1800 at the LBS, I set them up on my Beargrease with Marge Lites tubeless using Marge Lites with Gorilla tape, no leaks at all.

    Not gotten to try them alot but first impression is, they’re amazing. Having run Dillingers 5 last winter and wanting to try something really overkill I decided to go with Flow and Dunder.

    I just hope I’ll be ok with Dunder’s rolling resistance. Shouldn’t be an issue as I ran the Dillingers with DH tubes, but I could always slap on the D5 on the rear again!

    Looking forward to hear your take on the tyres once winter arrives!

  2. Have you tried running these at low pressures? LIke 5 psi? Wonder how well the bead will hold when you are running soft and bouncing over tussocks. Are you using tire sealant? Thanks for the instructions!

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