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November rain

This time of year. There is just no room for inspiration to do anything. November is by far my hate month. The darkness of the winter is here but no snow. Just rain and fog. We were blessed with a stunning October with 140 sun hours. That´s more than July. It seamed like the winter was coming early with crispy cold sunny days. I managed to squeeze in a few rides. https://flic.kr/p/Asg9z8

But now it´s just a mix of dark and grey. Well, well instead we painted the kids rooms and got some shit done back at our house.

I´m just waiting now, for winter. Can´t wait to get out on the frozen sea with the fat bike. This year i´ve promised myself to do a proper overnighter out on one of the islands far out in the archipelago. Also the Ore trail or Iron trail is on the to do list. If February shows her best side with loads of snow and cold temperatures i´d love to give it a shot.

Check out this article in Harrods Aviation UK.

And one more thing my white queen is getting a new crown. But i´ll get back to that later.

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