Fat Bike, Trails

Ice premiere

Finally the unrideble time is over. Those “inbetween” season months when riding is not an option is over. This year the ice is late due to a warm autumn . But the last few days we went way below freezing and last night was -17 degrees Celcius. And finally the ice is ready to ride. This is the last week before winter solstice, the darkest time of year. We’re only 25 miles (metric) south of the arctic circle so the sun rises  at ten am and sets at one pm. I took the day off and did my first ice ride for the season. Since the ice is new i stuck to the shore lines. I’m guessing it will hold up but it’s safer to not go alone the first time.  

This video doesn’t exist
Still it feels great! This is the real season for fat biking. The days will get longer and I’m betting it’s going to be a great winter.


Long shadows even in the morning.  

I found my fathers old ice yacht. He built it by him self but mom sold it when he died a few years ago. Very nostalgic to see it again. These babys are fast.     


I had lunch with The Lars by the harbour and went out again around 12:30. But the sun sets pretty fast. Around one o’clock em it begins to set.  


 There is not much snow yet. It’s possible to ride almost everywhere. If we gets loads of it we’re  bound to the snowmobile trails.  
This may feel like a remote place but the truth is i can get here in 15 minutes from central Luleå. 


In a few weeks the outer archipelago will be frozen and i’ll be ready to ride it.



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