The Oddiy upgrade

Sometimes you just fall in love and there is just nothing you can do about it. I did and now i cant think of anything else. I don't really remember when i saw the wonderful works of Burnsey at Oddity Cycles. Pretty sure it was on Instagram at Endlesbikegirl or Taddihogg. They both run beautiful …

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January K.O

January use to kick off the winter and ice riding season . But this year was a set back. First of all it´s been cold, and i mean really cold. We had temperatures between -20 and -30- degrees Celsius. It´s good fun to take a little spin every now and then. But in the long …

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2015, Eleven pics and a clip

Might as well sum up last year in photos. So here it is. Month by month...   January Nothing´s like the first ice ride   February Got a test bike from MAXX for   MARCH Got visitors from abroad   APRIL Built a new bike   MAY Birtday   JUNE Midsummer midnight ride JULY …

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