The Oddiy upgrade

Sometimes you just fall in love and there is just nothing you can do about it. I did and now i cant think of anything else.

I don’t really remember when i saw the wonderful works of Burnsey at Oddity Cycles. Pretty sure it was on Instagram at Endlesbikegirl or Taddihogg. They both run beautiful Oddity bikes. These frames are hand made in Colorado and is the most beautiful, badass mountainbikes i have ever seen. My dream has always been to have a custom frame and if it happens one day it will be one of these.

And Yes! They make fat bikes.

Check this beauty out!

Morning tracks… #biggrin #odditycycles

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Oddity don’t just make frames. They make the coolest handlebars and forks too.

The Razorbar really caught my attention. Razorbars are old school klunker inspired mountainbike bars in titanium or steel. I just love the look and you get to choose rise, backsweep and width, after all they are custom. I shot Sean an email and wadda ya know! The ship world wide.

I think i have had four of five differet bars on the Mukluk and i have never been completely satisfied. The Razorbars looked spot on.

After a few conversations over email it was a go. I decided to go for 800 mm width with 8° backsweep in steel. My hart screamed TITANIUM but my wallet said; hahahahaha… Yeah riiight, in your dreams buddy.
So steel it is. Not the lightest but i mostly ride my bike. Not carrying it around.

And now a couple of weeks later The White Queen got here new crown. Stunning finnish and feels amazing. I’ve only ride to work yet but first impression is: On my god i love it!



 One day i´ll sell all my bikes and go all in to build up my dream ride. There will most definitely be Oddity parts on it if not i´ll go for a complete frame. Thank you internet for making the world smaller. This would not be possible with out you. Me shopping bike parts from a small custom frame builder across the globe.

And thank you Sean for making dreams come alive with your amazing craftsmanship and excellent service. You sir are a really nice guy but then again you are a cyclist.





January K.O

January use to kick off the winter and ice riding season . But this year was a set back. First of all it´s been cold, and i mean really cold. We had temperatures between -20 and -30- degrees Celsius. It´s good fun to take a little spin every now and then. But in the long run it´s more pain than fun. On top of that the whole family has been knocked out by stomach flu the last eight days. On by one were going down, me last. 

 But now it´s getting warmer and i can´t wait to get out again. 

Bikepacking plans are in the works and the Mukluk is getting an awesome upgrade. More on that later this weekend. 

This kind of cold is really good for the ice conditions. It looks like we’re going to ride far out in the outer archipelago this winter. 

But this weekend is all about making the fat bike even more awesome.


2015, Eleven pics and a clip

Might as well sum up last year in photos.

So here it is. Month by month…



Nothing´s like the first ice ride




Got a test bike from MAXX for




Got visitors from abroad




Built a new bike








Midsummer midnight ride



Got married YEAY!


Photo Nicke Johansson



Went for a swim




Went to Björkliden




Went to for a ride on Bälingeberget




Converted to tubeless




Got 912 likes on Look at my bike leaning at stuff on FB

Thanks for reading my blog.

Lots of love and a happy new 2016!