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January K.O

January use to kick off the winter and ice riding season . But this year was a set back. First of all it´s been cold, and i mean really cold. We had temperatures between -20 and -30- degrees Celsius. It´s good fun to take a little spin every now and then. But in the long run it´s more pain than fun. On top of that the whole family has been knocked out by stomach flu the last eight days. On by one were going down, me last. 

 But now it´s getting warmer and i can´t wait to get out again. 

Bikepacking plans are in the works and the Mukluk is getting an awesome upgrade. More on that later this weekend. 

This kind of cold is really good for the ice conditions. It looks like we’re going to ride far out in the outer archipelago this winter. 

But this weekend is all about making the fat bike even more awesome.


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