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Ice road fat bikers


Finally the roads in the archipelago are open. Mondays amazing weather made me skip work and go out on the ice roads in the outer archipelago for the first time this winter. It has been really cold for a while and the ice has grown massive. How ever due to high water levels in the bay of bothnia water pushes up by the shores. So it can be a bit tricky to get out, at least by car. No problem with the fatty, i just dropped of the bridge in the marina.

The ice roads are huge and wide and make a few islands accessible, mainly the big ones with year around residents. If you want to go further out it´s the snowmobile trails.
My misson for the day was to check the status on these trails. We´re planning to get further out.

First stop was Hindersön about 10 kilometers out. Here there is no marina to climb so getting across this was not an option. When we go here we usually go around the island via a canal to get to the café Jopik Gården. How ever the water level once again made it quite hard.


I went a bit up the canal but the first ice layer was quite thin and i didn’t wanna get wet. i would probably have made it. But it was a long way home and i had no extra clothes. It is just water above the ice so absolutely no risk of going through all the way. But you still get wet.

I decided to go back  and head out to Storbrändön wish also is conceded to the big ice road. It´s quite a distance but the view is stunning. The white frozen sea almost seams endless. There are not so much snowmobile traffic yet so the trails are not quite ready to ride fat bike on just yet.

Surprisingly  the road up on Storbrändön was frozen and it was easy as pie to take a spin on the island. This is where i was taken on my bachelor party last summer. The guys borrowed a house form a friend and we spent a wet weekend here.

It is quite hard to believe this is the same place separated by seven months. I love the contrasts of the seasons here.


I checked out the trails to Småskär, were we´re heading in a few weeks when Kevin arrives. Same here, a bit too early to ride but the trails are there and marked so just a few more days of cold weather and we are ready to go.


Today was a good day and the spring winter is going to be amazing. We had a few crappy winters the last two years so this is very welcome.

Now time to ride back home in the most beautiful place i know. Stoked to actually live here.


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