Fat Bike

Recon ride

Since my buddy Kevin is coming over from England this weekend i had to check the ice trails. Kevin has been over here the last two years for ice riding. But, the last winters has been really crappy with rain and bad conditions on the ice.

This year is different. We’re having perfect winter weather. A few super cold week in January made the ice very thick and we’re goin far out in the archipelago. We had heavy snowfall the last three days and i had check if the snowmobile trails were to soft to ride.

They weren’t.

I was out for a couple of hours. The weather was amazing and i stopped by a small island to have my coffee and sandwiches. To do this as a short afternoon ride is a blessing. Living here and be a fat biker is living the dream.

My old Gopro was still in my framebag since the last ride. Didn’t plan it but i could not resist to take some photos and do a little edit. I need to get a new lence for the camera house. It’s quite worn out and full of scratches.

I´m stoked to get out again and finally get to show Kevin some proper winter trails. Every day is adventure by bike in Swedish Lapland.


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