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Pack ice play ground

Since the last trip to the outskirts of the archipelago i´ve been longing to get back. Me and Kevin never got the chance to go further out to check the pack ice due to fog.

It´s been a few weeks since we were out and the spring winter is turning out to be pretty awesome. A couple of days with very warm temperatures followed by cold weather makes the ice perfect. A rock hard crust layer makes it possible to ride just about everywhere. No need for snowmobile trails. I managed to get a day off and set off to the white plains again. Could not have chosen a better day. Bluebird, no wind and a cold night set conditions to awesomeness level 10. To save some time i took the car as far as possible. The road to Hindersön is now like a glass floor.

Leaving the car at Hindersön saved me about an hour and the ride out to is just about 15 km. I made it out in just 45 minutes. The conditions was pretty different from last time.

Instead of a narrow soft snowmobile trail the ice is now an open playground. To get this so far out on the sea is very rare. Last year there were similar conditions but out here it was open water.

The pack ice is located out side the archipelago on the sea. Due to wind, water level changes and ice movement the ice packs up and freezes. This create a beautiful moon like landscape. It reaches many kilometers out.

It turned out Classe from Bearfoot North also were going out with a reporter from the UK. I hooked up with them for coffee among the ice blocks and we got to take a spin together. I could not think of a better place to have coffee.


Ellie is a freelance journalist  specialized in adventure and travel. For her to come all the way from London to get a day on the ice in perfect conditions is pretty cool. We´re the first ones ever out here on fat bikes.

Days like this are rare and to find new friends on a place like this is a blessing. Thanks for the company Classe and Ellie it was great fun to meet you guys.

Here is a little short edit from one of the best days so far this winter.






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