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Guest Post: Bike- and Ice-fishing at sea!

By Andreas Broman






Dear bike nerds

A nerd, to me, is someone that is passionate and goes 100% into something. Nerds can actually geek into anything and it is not unusual that they spend more time on it than what is actually healthy. It can be stamps, RC planes, model trains, bird watching, bicycles or fishing for example.
My 100% passion i Nature. I use my bike to get out in Nature. I watch birds to experience seasonal variations in Nature. I go flyfishing to enjoy the thrill of Nature. I travel to get to know Nature that is unfamiliar to me.

Am I a nerd?
Well, I sure hope so, because I just love nerds. Their passion and enthusiasm can be so inspiring.
I really wish that my film can inspire one or two of you to go out there. Just like I have been inspired of my dear friend (and extreme bike nerd) Olov at Bike Life in Swedish Lapland.

Short about the film
During a couple of days in late winter or early spring. When the snow starts melting but the nights are still cold. The snow cover becomes hard like concrete or turn into solid ice.
Then the whole Archipelago suddenly becomes accessible by bike. You can go almost anywhere and bring anything you like (if you have a big pulka).
At least once each winter, when the conditions are just right, I try to go ice-fishing by bike to the outermost parts of the Luleå Archipelago in Swedish Lapland. This year I recorded it on my GoPro.

Your humbled guest blogger,
Andreas Broman

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